Creative Food Preservation Tray

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Say Goodbye To Disposable Plastic And Food Wraps!


This 2020 Fresh Food New Idea – Creative Food Preservation Tray is the new trend. It keeps food fresh and 100% bacteria-free. It has a buckle design to seal and lock the food without overflowing. Having an advance elastic film, this tray gives you an outstanding resistance to any weight and puncture to obtain high durability.


It also allows you to pile up multiple layers to save space and to have organized looking storage space. It is a money efficient product indeed since it is completely reusable. Great for any type of food. Including raw meat, fish, nuts, bread, fruits, vegetables, cooked meals, or even leftovers. It is also ideal for picnics, barbecues, camping, and parties.


Creative Food Preservation Tray – Brightcolo




  • KEEP FOOD FRESH – Preserves food and retains its freshness and flavor while preventing bacteria growth by applying advanced food preservation film technology.
  • STACKABLE – It allows you to stack up multiple overlaying trays to save space effectively.
  • EASY BUCKLE DESIGN – Easy to seal tightly and retrieve the food.
  • REUSABLE – Made of a premium elastic film with great resistance to penetration and compression so as to achieve perfect sealing. Replaces disposable plastic bags or food wrap.
  • SAFE – It’s dishwasher & freezer safe! BPA-free & 100% food safe.

Food Preservation Tray –


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