HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush

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"Feels good on my face, feels very clean and it’s gentle but still gets the job done."
- Janel Freiheit  ✅ Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush

Your face is exposed to excess pollution and dirt every single day. Considering the rapid increase in pollution levels in this day and age, even your expensive facial cleanser isn't enough to cleanse your face thoroughly. On the other hand, you really can’t use a scrub every day, can you?  because it's just too harsh for your skin.
So what’s the way out then? Let us answer that with this special electrical facial brush.
Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush for all skin types that deeply yet gently cleanses your and brings out the youthful-look hidden behind all the marks and dirt.

6 Reasons Why Our "Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush" Will Change Your Life

✅ DISTINCTIVE FACIAL BRUSH: Ultra Hygienic Soft Silicone rubber exterior provides the softest and most gentle face cleansing and massage for all skin types normal.
✅ HIGH-FREQUENCY VIBRATION DREDGING AND BLOCKING PORE: Vibration Frequency: 6000 RPM. High-frequency microseismic technology, dredge and clog the pore, let pore breathe again, improve oil pox muscle.
✅ 9-SPEED FREE REGULATION: A variety of vibration adjustments to meet a variety of skin needs.
✅ SONIC CLEANSING, SKIN "FINE CLEANING: Frequency vibration discharges deep dirt and thoroughly cleans the face, no residue in the T zone.
✅ THREE AREAS CLEANING: Three kinds of thick and thin brush head design, T-area, nose, cheek, etc. for cleaning. 
✅ BABY LEVEL SAFETY SILICONE: Food grade silicone for gentle protection of all skin types, Suitable for all skin types.
✅ WHOLE BODY WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN: Safe waterproof hole, can be washed all over the body, use more at ease.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush"

Are you worried about your dirty and oily skin? Or can't visit the salon for facials very often? Don't worry, as this Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush will help to cleanse your skin and brings out the youthful look hidden behind all the marks and dirt.

It is made from highly durable, body-safe, silicone material that makes it highly hygienic so you can clean your skin without leaving any germ on it. This product comes with a waterproof quality so you can also use it during bath or shower. It comes with different speed levels so you can adjust them according to your skin need and it produces no sound.

This facial brush gives your skin deep cleaning at home without doing any effort. The best thing about this product is that it is very light in weight that makes it highly portable.


Package Including:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush


Product Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Product Size: 140*90*40MM
  • Charging Mode: USB
  • Product Weight: Approx. 85g
  • Charging Time: 40Min
  • Waterproof Standard: IPX-7


At www.heyydar.com, we believe in the quality of our products. Therefore we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!

Customer Support:
Email: info@heyydar.com 
Phone: +1 (800) 252-3614

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