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Cleaning the pet is so much difficult especially when your four-legged friend doesn't want to. But here we bring something that will make your life easy and your pet's cleaning times fun. Portable Cleaner Cup will effectively clean your dog's paws in no time. All you have to do is add some water into the cup, stick your pet paws in the cleaner cup (one at a time), spin the container to engaged the bristles and then remove the paws dry the paws if your pet likes it and its done. This cleaner cup can be carried anywhere so now you don't need to be worried about cleaning. Let your pet go and play then wash him whenever he's done. 

1. Made up of high quality plastic.
2. Available in different cute colors.
3. Perfect according to your pet's size.
4. It is very elastic and tough product.
5. Environment friendly and BPA free material.
6. It provides 360 degrees all round cleaning.
7. Non-stick and non-staining high quality silicone.
8. High grade soft silicone embedded in the cup for cleaning.

1. Convenient and practical product.
2. Extremely gentle on the pet's paws.
3. It is very safe and healthy for the pet.
4. Non-staining quality makes it highly durable.
5. The cleaning cup is very easy to use and clean.
6. Portable and can be carried anywhere with you.
7. It can easily clean mud, dirt, sand and other materials.
8. The soft silicone bristles won't hurt the pet's paws and keep them soft.

Material: ABS+Silica gel
Color: light blue, orange, green
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