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Looking for a perfect gift to please a loved one this Christmas? We have got your covered with our beautiful Christmas Crystal Ball. This ball is so beautiful and attractive that you won't resist buying one for your living room also. 

Our immaculate precious stone ball is carefully assembled, cleaned, and investigated to guarantee the most elevated k9 quality and consistency. Each ball is analyzed for clearness, and debasements before being bundled.

A beautiful piece of art representing the essence of Christmas is embedded into this shiny crystal ball that will give the real feel of this occasion when you gift it to someone or keep it in your place. So grab this amazing beauty now.


1. Vivid, classic, and elegant crystal ball.
2. Works great for photography lens ball.
3. Made up of high quality crystal material.
4. It comes with a free stainless steel stand.
5. A beautiful variety of designs to choose from.
6. 3D image is meticulous engraved into clear crystal ball.
7. Advanced 3D laser technology used to etched the galaxy into the crystal ball.

1. Ideal for home decoration or gifts etc.
2. A wonderful display item for your place.
3. Perfect gift for a friend or family member.
4. The base of the color lights can bring a dazzling visual effect.
5. This alluring piece of art will bring harmony and balance to your life.
6. The embedded designs in the crystal ball depicts the true essence of Christmas.

Package Contains:
1 x clear crystal ball, 1 x metal stand and 1 x Pouch.

This product is hand made, so the size may have 1-4mm difference.

Size: 60mm.
N.W: 326g.
Material: 3D laser carving ball is made of K9 crystal Glass, Making the Ball More Transparent and Glossier.
Unique Home Decoration: Ideal decoration for your bedroom, living room and office to show an elegant lifestyle.
3D Laser Technology: Use advanced 3D Inner carving and flame extraction technology, present a realistic and horse inside the glass ball.

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