HEYYDAR™ - Automatic Laser Toy

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"Our cat loves to play with the red dot. It lights up automatically, even if it's day or night, and encourages our cat to do many movements. The noise is quiet, undisturbed, but it's good because our cat comes running when it hears the sound. Our cat loves this toy!"
- Catherine Malice ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ -  Automatic Laser Toy

We, as pet lovers, always look for toys that can keep our pets busy in our absence, and they don't feel lonely. But we are tricked by the laser light toys with a light that never stays on for more than a few seconds, no matter how best the batteries are. We go through many disappointments when we get cheap plastic that looks extremely good in the pictures.

This Automatic Laser Toy is a perfect playmate for cats and is specifically designed to keep your pet busy when you are out of the house and unable to play with them. The handheld mode of this innovative cat toy allows the owner and the pets have the opportunity to play together. You can project laser light to the wall or at any surface and make your house a fun playground.

6 Reasons Why Our "Automatic Laser Toy" Will Change Your Life

✅ SAFE FOR PETS: The toy features a Class IIIa laser with a max power output of 5MW, ideal for a secure play experience. It needs 4AA batteries (separate) for best performance as the toy uses alkaline batteries only.

✅ ENTERTAINING TO CATS: The innovative laser moves randomly across the walls and floors, best for cats' natural hunting instincts. It uses the mirror adjust button to control where the laser points.

✅ AUTOMATIC PLAY: The toy automatically turns off the laser after 15 minutes to keep your cat from being over-excited and keep the game interesting.

✅ THREE INSTALLATION METHODS: You can place this classic cat toy o a high place, and it can be easily installed on the window, wall, and closet. This automatic laser cat toy will help your pet keep moving, active, and healthy.

✅ TWO-SPEED ADJUSTABLE TOY: This cat toy comes with a USB charging cable, so charging is easy. It has a 1000mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery, so you won't need to replace the battery. After complete charging, the cat toy will work for a longer time; this cat toy can be easily assembled and taken while traveling.

✅ GREAT TOY: According to stats, not all cats like it. Active, curious, or young cats will be more excited with this toy. The two speeds and three modes in which the manual mode automatically turns off after 10 minutes and then turns on again after 10 minutes within 2 hours and turns off after 12 hours, this way cats can stay busy when you are not at home.



Your worries become history if you buy this "Automatic Laser Toy"! 

We have had bought the toys, which were helpful but overpriced and bland for pets. Laser in some toys is high-speed, and while being pulled out of the package, the product doesn’t let on for hours. If you keep them in the wrong place, you will see your cat knocking off everything, ripping the curtains down while jumping from the back of the couch on them. When you have two pets like cat and dog, our house turns into a mess causing permanent brain damage to their brains due to their crazy attempts to catch the super-fast laser.

Our Automatic Laser Toy features unidirectional automatic laser rotation with five different circling ranges for various sizes, more extensive ranges for a healthier pet, and more exercise. The handheld mode allows you and the cat a chance to interact with a fun activity. To avoid the toy from being knocked by the cat, you can place it high as they can easily knock it down on the ground.

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Package Including:

  • 1 x Automatic Laser Toy


Product specifications:


Front shell


Back cover



Silica gel



Power Supply

USB (not for a charge, a toy will not work if not connected to the USB line or not with a battery)

4 AA Battery (not included)


Automatic mode

Manual mode

Angle adjustment

Five-stage projection angle

Laser light

Industrial Laser Lamp (Brightness will not diminish after long use)

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