HEYYDAR™ - Cat Hammock

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“Pet bed is an essential part for pet health and sustainability, while, seeing my cat usually get annoyed while sleeping on one type of bed, I wanted to a unique type of bed which would provide her extra benefits as well. Then I came across a product that provided me exactly those benefits which I was thriving for. It has a special hanging facility in bed which transforms the whole experience of pet bed for my cat."
Jonathan J.  ✅ Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - Cat Hammock

Is your pet tired of resting in a traditional pet bed and feels annoyed at times? Are you looking for an innovation that could bring change in your pet mood?

Buy the Hanging Beds Beating 20kg, which will provide your pet with a splendid and exciting atmosphere to rest and sleep. The best feature is that it can bear up to 20kg of pets' weight, and its hanging technology is extremely easy to operate.

Look for this product and won't feel worried regarding the sleep and safety of your pet. The pet bed is building on durable construction consists of Nylon, which provides additional longevity to the bed. In addition to that, the cloth is a powerful build, which is cover on the bed.

6 Reasons Why Our "Cat Hammock" Will Change Your Life

✅ PORTABLE: The bed is highly portable as it supports 20kg of weight and can be taken anywhere without any sort of problem due to its easy assembling. It provides extra softness and ultra-comfort experience to the pet.


✅ ADJUSTABLE: The bed is adjusted according to the pet's weight and choice and can be put up on walls or any other area, as it supports flexible bending and less consumption of tools required for it. A full-fledged process is a resin setting it up for other beds, but all of the extra efforts are of no need through the hanging bed.

✅ EASY TO OPERATE: It takes only a few minutes to operate the bed and is extremely easy for the pet owner to assemble without wasting much time. The flexible mechanism, all of the problem regarding setting it up, is resolved, making it highly portable.


✅ CONSTRUCTION: The pet bed is built with powerful construction consisting of Nylon and PPC, which are known to be the most reliable construction materials. Applying the materials like these, the durability increases of the bed, and it won't break off with extra weight pressure.

✅ SECUREBy the hanging bed bearing, the pet will feel secure to sleep and play around, which is beneficial for their health as it has multiple benefits, like powerful construction and easy to adjust, to name a few of those.


✅ LOCATION: It is an important benefit the hanging bed provides, as they can be easily located near the windows and can view nearby things, which seems prominent to the pet, and they feel relaxed. As other beds are fixed in one place, they don't provide variety to the pets, but the hanging bed is considered the best option.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Cat Hammock"!

Are you keen to bring transformation to pet life by opting for a hanging bed that supports maximum weight and construction?

Through Cat Hammock, the pet owners related problems would solve, and the pets will gain a new whole experience in their lives. They are extremely easy to assemble and adjustable, which helps the owners look for them, and they don't require heavy tools to set them up. Top of all that, it can support the heaviest pet as well.

In addition to that, the pet bed has exceptional construction through it can bear the heaviest weight and won't disappoint the user. So, look for the hanging pet bed as the priority choice for your pet as it has an added advantage to locate near the windows and provide exposure to the pets.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat Hammock


Product specifications:

  • Material: PP, PVC, and Nylon.
  • Size: 55*35cm.
  • Load: About 20kg.
  • Color: As the picture shows.
  • Weight: 625g


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