HEYYDAR™ - Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack

Color: Khaki
Size: large 38x45cm
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"I am pleasantly surprised by this backpack. My kitten doesn't like it at all when we have to go for a walk, but she didn't complain or argue with me about it. It is quite spacious and offers the opportunity to see outside when we go for a walk. In general, a small and great backpack in which to carry your child with fur. Yes, I recommend it!"
- Tiffany Castle  Verified Customer

HEYYDAR™ - Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack

Backpacks are beneficial to take pets with you to the store and on walks outside without harnessing. But some backpacks are too small that they can’t hold the pet and get broken and snapped. Problems like small straps even when fully extended, poor fabric quality, no locking zippers, no hip strap, flimsy and glued backpacks will become history now. This pet carrier backpack has all that you need.

This Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack can put a new twist on travel for pet owners who search for a carrier backpack. The backpack carrier has a creative design and is lightweight. With a diamond shape cut surface, you can see the larger interior space of the backpack. Your pet can interact with other pets through the transparent window, and your pet can have enough room to move around.


6 Reasons Why Our "Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack" Will Change Your Life

✅ UNIQUE CREATIVE DESIGN: Uniquely designed pet backpack carrier that is cute, fashionable, and lightweight. Diamond-shaped cut surfaces are used to create the cat backpack carrier shell, and the bag's interior space is ample. It is possible to interact with your pet through the transparent window of the cat backpack, and your pet can also see the outside world through the window.

✅ POWERFUL AND STURDY: This pet backpack features an environmentally friendly, safe, and high-quality cat backpack carrier. It's lightweight and with an ultra-wearable shell. It can be used for extended traveling as it fits under the seat and is airline-approved.

✅ COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: PET backpack carriers have an abundance of ventilation holes, so your pet will be able to breathe fresh air, relax, and remain safe. The comfortable and breathable material at the bottom of the backpack carriers allows your pet to lie quietly and comfortably on the page.

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Cat backpack carriers have adjustable shoulder straps. The pet backpack straps are equipped with thick padding on the adjustable shoulder straps, making them more comfortable and reducing the strain on the shoulders and back. Using a pet backpack's shoulder strap can relieve pressure, absorb sweat, and make you more comfortable.

✅ PET BACKPACK STRAP FOR TRAVEL: This Pet backpack strap is designed as a travel and outdoor accessory. You can use it to attach your pet on your back when biking, hiking, camping, outings, or just walking around.

✅ SPACE CAPSULE STYLE: It features a transparent window and a space capsule style design. It allows your pets to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you, as well as interact with the outside world, whether you are wearing it on your back or in your front.

Your worries become history if you buy these "Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack"

We understand your frustration with a travel bag for pets made of poor material and cover that keeps popping off. Backpack with poor quality, shorter straps, and unsuitable for a big pet, usually becomes a liability rather than a convenience. Backpacks, besides having too little space for pets, also have a cover that continues to pop off, are not secure for your pets as your pet can be got out without your notice. We assure you this won’t happen with this backpack.

This Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack is extra spacious for your big-boned pet. Whether you have one big pet or two small puppies, or cats, it will make your adventure fun. If your pet loves going for rides and on walks or gets scared of loud noises, this backpack with a transparent window and Sherpa lining offers extra comfort and coziness for your pet and makes every trip exciting and happy-go-lucky.

Package Including:

  • 1 x Pets Backpack


Product Specifications:

  • Material: Canvas+PC   
  • Size: 38x29x45cm   
  • Suitable pets: 0-9kg


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