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Pet hairs stick to your hand while massaging them or grooming them? You feel difficulty in shaking the hair off your hand? The process takes a lot of time and effort because of some rigid hairs? We have an amazing solution of all of the above mentioned problems of yours. Brush/Glove for animals won't let the pet's hair stick onto your hands. It will collect the hairs on it and you can easily shake it off later. 

The high quality  rubber of the glove removes pet hair while not tugging excessively like other brushes do. You can easily massage/ groom your pet with these amazing gloves. So what are you waiting for? Make your life easy and your pet bath times fun by adding this one to the  cart.

1. High quality rubber material.
2. Non-toxic and non-slip gloves.
3. Easily adjustable straps with the glove.
4. Safe for dog, cats and other beloved pets.
5. Soft brush along with breathable material.
6. Rubber tips acts like luxurious pet massage.
7. Lightweight, comfortable and durable material.
8. Especially designed to be machine washable.


1. Easy to clean and store gloves.
2. The hair does not stick on your hand.
3. Leaves the pet's skin soft, glowy and shiny.
4. The short nubs allows for easy scrubbing.
5. Portable and can easily be carried anywhere with you.
6. The soft rubber is especially designed to gently pull shedding.
7. The pet will really enjoy the pampering/grooming session.
8. Ideal for sensitive skin and does not cause any irritation/itching.
9. The bristles reach deep on the pet's body and makes cleaning easy.
10. The fur or pet hair does not scatter all around and are collected on the gloves.

Item Type: Combs
Material: Rubber
Type: cats, dogs. 
Voltage: None.
Glove for cats: Glove for a cat.
Products for cats: Back massager.
Guante gato: Cat glove.
Glove for combing cats: Guanto gatto.
Pet glove: Rusher.
Pet grooming glove pair: Pet grooming gloves cats and dogs.

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