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“Winter is the season which has always been my favorite season of the year, and I love to spend my time on my bed and get cuddled up while having a cup of hot coffee by my side. Blanket Ultra push allowed me to enjoy this season even more by staying in my warm and smooth fleece while listening to my favorite songs. The best feature of this fleece is that it is made from the softest blanket fleece and is super comfortable, which keeps you warm from head to toe."
- Patric Canny  ✅ Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™ - Blanket ultra plush

Do you want to enjoy the winter season by staying in your bed while watching some shows with your family?
Go to your nearest store and buy the product to give all the perks you ever wished for during this season. It is an ideal opportunity for the winter-loving people as they can grab our ultra-soft fleece and enjoy their time on their beds.
Make your season a perfect one and buy Blanket ultra-plush for your family and yourself too. The blanket is extra soft and is an oversized version of the softest hoodie you will ever wear, which will keep you warm all day long. The product comes in a unique design; a fleece with sleeves that will make life easy. The material used to make this product is 100% polyester which gives our customers a perfect cozy experience in this cold weather.

✅ COMFORTABLE LARGE SIZE: The blanket comes in a large comfortable size, which gives a unique experience to the customers, and they are allowed the freedom of movement they need. It works multi-functionally and protects immensely from winters.


 CONVENIENT:  The blanket is made from a material that is extra soft and can be easily washed in our beloved customers' washing machines. Due to its softness, it becomes easy to wear it for a longer period, and hence its cleaning seems easy and comfortable.

✅ ANTI-SLIP: The product is considered anti-slip, which tells us that the blanket doesn't slip away from you, making it highly suitable for you. It is fitted quite easily to one's body, and it won't disappoint the user in extreme conditions. The problem related to tightness and looseness, all being covered by the product exclusively.

✅ BASED ON THE REVERSIBLE CONCEPT:  Our product is made considering the reversible concept, and our customers can keep themselves warm with our double-sided comfort material. This feature makes the blanket ultra-beneficial for the users, especially in the winter season.

✅ SUITABILITY: The product is highly suitable for everyone and can be worn both inside and outside. Its high adjustability and material used for construction make it extremely suitable for anyone's body specifications and make it a worthy option to proceed for any user.

✅ PERFECT FOR ALL THE SEASONS: The product is made up of a material that makes it suitable to wear the blanket any year. It is extremely user-friendly, and handy material makes it desirable to use in other seasons except for winters. One doesn't need to spend money on different blankets, as the blanket plush comes with all-one facilitation.

Your worries become history if you buy these "Blanket ultra plush"!


Blanket ultra-plush is the answer to all your wishes, and it gives you a unique experience. It is convenient for the users, and anyone can wear the blankets as it is adjustable according to one's specifications. In addition to that, it has durable construction and anti-slip technology, which increases the blanket worthiness.

Those who want to acquire a perfect blanket for themselves, then they shall opt for the blanket ultra-plush, which is not only suitable for them in the winter season but is favorable for other seasons as well because of its softness and comfortability. Though, it makes the blanket a worthy option to thrive for.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Blanket ultra plush

Product specifications:

  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Weight: 850grams.
  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash.
  • Fabric: Coral Fleece + Sherpa Fleece Fabric.



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