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"I use Backpack travel for pets to protect my pet as it might get lost or feel uncomfortable at a particular place. Under Backpack travel for pets, my pet feels good. It has the best plastic system that is impossible to be penetrated. And has a perfect airflow system. Therefore, I feel relaxed as my pet seems secure. Now I can enjoy every journey with my pet thanks to this product which ensures maximum security for my pet. This backpack is easy to carry around and one will not get tired while traveling with it."
- Katlin Smith   Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™ - Backpack travel for pets

Consider yourself going for an outing and your pet gets missing. The whole trip would be nothing less than a trauma. Or what if something unfortunate happens to your pet because of the bad quality of the backpack. To fully enjoy your trip along with your pet you simply need a reliable backpack for travel so that you enjoy along with your pet. Here is Backpack travel for pets.
 It keeps your pet safe. It has the greatest stability and it is easy to carry your pet anywhere you want. It has the best space capsule with a proper air entrance that keeps your pet healthy and active. Also, the backpack is not heavy. So, the problem of getting exhausted is already solved. The overall product is the best. To make you look smarter the product has a variety of colors.




6 Reasons Why Our "Backpack travel for pets" Will Change Your Life

✅ SPACE CAPSULE: It has a stronger space capsule with a proper space for your pet. The capsule has the best air system to ensure that your pet remains active. Not only this but also it has a bigger space so that your pet feels comfortable within the backpack.


✅ Material: It is made up of high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and oxford material. The product does not get distorted easily and remains as you have bought it a new. If your pet gets infuriated to scratch, this plastic can bear it easily. It has greater stability and does not get scratches easily.


✅ USER-FRIENDLY: The back is suitable to carry anywhere. The best thing about it is that it can be used on the back or front. This has a belt to fast it tightly. So that it remains intact to your body.



✅ PROTECTED WITH A FIRM: The backpack for travel is protected with a firm that can be removed when using. This ensures maximum security to the product. This product is highly reliable and one can use it easily. 

✅ COMFORTABLE FOR A PET: It is the best product for your pet. It has elements that are not harmful to your pet. As a result, it is safe and proper for your pet. Also, space and oxygen add to the comfort of your pet.

✅ SWEAT ABSORPTION: With straps, it can easily absorb your sweat and encounters any kind of irritating feeling because of the sweat. This also makes it long-lasting and you can wear it for a better and longer period without getting tired. 

Your worries become history if you buy these "Backpack travel for pets"!

Does your pet not feel comfortable in backpacks?


It happens when there is no enough space and improper entrance for oxygen. But this backpack has both these qualities. Hence, your pet feels free. It has a hands-free backpack carrier. This backpack travel for pets has the greater ability to carry the weight. If your pet is even heavier than 25lb. This has the perfect coating to bear even greater weight.


This backpack travel has a water-proof bottom. It perfectly resists the stains and protects your pet from the diseases that are caused by wet clothes. Hence, it ensures maximum security. It has a perfectly sorted out and comfortable internal coating. The coating is perfectly comfortable for the pet. However, the external coating is tough and stronger.


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Unisex Slippers Ultra Confort


    Product Specifications:
    • Weight: 8kg.
    • Capacity: 6.5kg Dogs and Cats.
    • Size: 31*28*42cm
    • Weight: About 1.2kg (bearing weight about 8kg).
    • Product Material: PVC + oxford.

    A HEYYDAR Promise
    At www.heyydar.com, we believe in the quality of our products. Therefore we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!

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