Adjustable sit-up bar

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Product description
"The Adjustable sit-up bar feels and looks amazing. It is easy to install :). Since it has a strong suction cup mechanism that sticks onto the floor perfectly. The sitter bar is made of a strong material that feels and looks amazing and long-lasting for a workout. I Love it! "

- Diana Peters. Verified Customer

Adjustable sit-up bar

Convenient, lightweight, and portable Sit Up Assistant Device

Train your abs with a bit of help and you will absolutely fall in love with your look.  This adjustable sit-up bar is designed to help you in a lot many ways. From staying active to burning calories, this will be your go-to exercise aid.

An easy to use adjustable bar can be carried anywhere. You might want to exercise near the beach or the mountains, you can take it with you. It is going to be your best friend as long as you want to stay active and fresh.

So grab this amazing product right now and save a lot of money and enjoy it.


Ideal Home Fitness Equipment: This adjustable sit-up bar is the perfect sit up assistant device for your home. Now, you can train your abdominal muscle and waistline to build perfect muscles and beautiful body shape.



Height Adjustable: This adjustable sit-up bar has 3 gear adjustments; the height can be adjusted freely for any foot size, helping to hold your feet in place during exercise.


Method of adjustment: Hold down the spring button, hold the bar with the other hand, then lift or push to adjust the height.


Double Support Design: The ergonomic two-row support rods design of this adjustable sit-up bar provide you with greater heel force support and more efficiency.


High-Quality Design: The bar is made of high-quality strong material, advanced high-density foam and high elasticity EVA materials to protect your ankle and to withstand force better.


Suction Mechanism: The double strong suction cup mechanism sticks onto the floor perfectly. It reaches about 12.5cm in area to provide a larger suction area and higher stability.


Are you worried about not having time every day to go to the gym, or is it about the high cost?

Bring you a portable and adjustable sit-up bar with self-suction and train every day without any more worries.

Its everyone's dreams to have a much trimmer and toned tummy. Yet, the abdomen laxity has always remained the hardest to be trimmed. Getting a few inches off that waist and trim that tummy with our sit up assistant device.
A convenient, lightweight and portable device for all fitness enthusiast or those who's dreams is to have a much trimmer and toned tummy! This suction sit-up bar can adjust to three different height for any foot size, helping to hold your feet in place during exercise.
The strong suction cup mechanism sticks onto the floor perfectly. The sitter bar is made of a strong material that feels and looks amazing and long-lasting for a workout.


  1. Single and double rod design.
  2. Waterproof and moisture-proof.
  3. Made up of high-quality material.
  4. A button switch, start three seconds.
  5. Adjustable height up to three different levels.
  6. Compact and Lightweight, convenient, and space-saving product. 
  7. Ergonomic design, healthy and comfortable and protect the instep from pain.
  8. Multiple Function helps you roll belly movement, push-ups, sidekick, sit-ups, and other sports.
  9. A set of equipment can carry out a variety of sports, such as sit-ups, flat support, push-ups, and so on.

  1. Easy and safer to use.
  2. Helps you in staying fit and active.
  3. Strong suction and void loosening.
  4. Adjustable height fits your different needs.
  5. Small size, not occupy space, lightweight for easy storage.
  6. Portable and can be carried anywhere with you.
  7. Thick soft foam, soft and comfortable without hurting the feet.
  8. It can be used for sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, stretching, yoga, pilates, and more.
  9. Soft and thick foam handles are comfortable against your feet and prevent chafing.
  10. Three gear height, free to adjust. Through the spring snaps freely adjust their comfort level.

The Assistant needs to be attached to a smooth, dry clean flat floor without gaps, then push to fit the floor.

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Sit-ups assistant device as your option.


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