Adjustable Air Conditioning Cover Wind Deflector

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We've all suffered through this, haven't we? Exactly! That strong uneven burst of cold air giving us cold, cough, headaches, and much more. Well, now you don't have to worry anymore. We present you with this exclusive innovative Adjustable AC Cover Wind Deflector for just the right reason. Specially designed to control the flow of cold air and make it evenly distribute throughout the room as you're health is all that matters to us.

Not only is it convenient to install, but its fully adjustable and durable saving you from all those diseases and helps in maintaining the temperature. If you're worried that adding a deflector on your Air Conditioner would just spoil the ambiance of your room? Don't be, because the wind deflectors also come in a variety of colorful designs to not only maintain but in fact, uplift the essence of your room. We've also got specially designed deflectors for your little one with cartoon characters etc.

Don't wait and think, we all need this. So hurry up and order right NOW to get access to a healthy comfortable life.

1. Easily adjustable for the right angle.
2. Multiple colorful designs brightening up your room.
3. Converts strong cold blows into soft ones for your comfort.
4. Balances the temperature environment for a soothing experience.
5. Applicable to all variants of Air Conditioners.
6. Light in weight, highly durable.
7. Ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
8. Effectively improves the efficiency of your Air Conditioner.


1. Perfect add on to your air conditioner to equalize the cold air direction.
2. Protects you from various cold diseases including cough, flu, headaches, etc.
3. Can be easily used at homes or in offices.
4. Provides you with a  healthy yet beautiful environment with artistic designs.
5. Modern rubbers protecting it from any vibration, acting as dampers.
6. Conveniently designed to be easy to assemble.
7. Spreads out the cold air to avoid you from direct contact.


Material: Plastic.
Feature 1: Air Conditioner Covers.
Feature 2: Air Conditioner Tools.
Feature 3: Office Accessories.
Feature 4: Windshield.
Feature 5: Wind Deflector.
Feature 6: Windshield Baffle Shield.
Material: PVC + ABS + Stainless Steel.


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