Abdominal Exercise Roller


Staying at home or office before your work area more often than not, working out concentrated exercises? Regardless, your muscles are staying at work longer than required causing that muscle hurts, solidness, and agony that you feel. This is primarily because of your stance. One approach to battle these torments is certainly appropriate stance yet additionally rubbing those muscles that sore.

Rubbing included with rest will get you back snappier and fresher in a matter of seconds. These days the bustling life routine doesn't permit us to habitually visit the back rub community, so why not carry the creative yet reasonable masseuse to you? This versatile Abdominal Exercise Roller is exceptionally intended to tackle every one of your issues and deal with those muscles for you.

This exercise roller can also help strengthen your lower back and overall core muscles. Tests have shown that the movement is slightly better than a regular crunch. Using just an abdominal roller will build lean muscle to burn fat, and eventually, you will have muscle that burns calories and will decrease your waistline. So solve your fitness problems right by by adding this amazing product to your cart.

1. Made up of high quality materials.
2. Ergonomic grip for enhanced results.
3. Available in multiple different colors.
4. Non-slip rubber and durable PVC material.
5. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
6. Folding abdominal wheel with two auxiliary ropes.
7. Core-strengthening workout tool for ab roll-out exercises.
8. The ABS roller handles are made of comfortable EVA foam padding.
9. Durably constructed using polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

1. Save space and money.
2. Easy to disassemble and assemble.
3. Portable and easy to carry anywhere.
4. Improves your mobility and flexibility.
5. Enhances your blood circulation for relief.
6. Sleep tight with a relaxed mind and body.
7. Relieves lactic acid and alleviates joint pains.
8. Helps in strengthening abs, core, and more.
9. Effectively protects the knee from damage.
10. The handles have soft padding for total comfort.
11. Improves the overall health of body soft tissues.
12. Freshens up your day from the outside all down to your soul.
13. Provides relief to your sore tendons and improves heart rate.

Application: Breaststroke abdomen trainer.
Function: Waist & abdomen exercise.
Type: Double-Wheeled.
Name: Abdominal wheel.
Use: Fitness, belly training.
Weight: 1.4kg.
Material: ABS+PP+TPR.