8.5L Portable Bucket

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Mainly during summer, whenever we go out for picnics or spend some recreational time with friends and family, what do we miss the most? Yeah, you've got that right. A Portable Water Bucket. We, now you won't have to miss it anymore as we bring you this innovative yet convenient portable bucket to solve all your problems.

This convenient water bucket is a super light, reduced, foldable version ideal for your adventures. It is made of top-notch solid polymer that is tear-safe and permits it to dry rapidly after use. It tends to be utilized for various liquids. It can hold a respectable measure of water up to 8.5L. Its reduced nature permits it to fit proficiently in a little space eliminating additional gear. It is anything but difficult to set up and accompanies a handle that permits it to convey it without any problem. It's ideal for vehicle drives, outdoors, outing, traveling, and so forth.

This foldable bucket will spare you space and exertion! It is so lightweight that it won't add overabundance weight. With such an ergonomic design you can take it with you easily. Its exceptionally planned handle will offer extra assistance while conveying and pouring water. So why wait and keep missing this product on your next trip. Hurry up and get your hand on this elegant functional portable bucket right now.

1. Light in weight and easy to carry anywhere you like.
2. Easy to set up and fold with no requirement of exertion.
3. Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.
4. Especially designed to be wear resistance for long purposeful usage.
5. Large storage capacity, up to 8.5L.
6. Multicolor designs beautifying your experience.
7. Easy to hold and carry with its special provided dual handles.
8. Strong polymer-based manufacturing, it won't fall from your hands.

1. Can be used for a variety of purposes, to store water, store any other fluid, and even serve as a washbasin.
2. Perfect gift for your loved ones, enhancing their next journey.
3. Takes less space, fits in anywhere in your car.
4. Easy to clean after usage.
5. Leak-free manufacturing for a comfortable, carefree experience.
6. Waterproof cloth, providing you with convenient dry mobility.
7. Ergonomically designed to prevent any bad odor or taste to the water.

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools.
Size: M.
Function 1: Water bucket.
Function 2: Portable folding water bucket.
Function 3: Bucket outdoor.
Function 4: High Quality portable folding water bucket.
Function 5: Folding Washbasin.

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