35-80L Backpack Rain Cover

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Product description

''I was really impressed with the package. I had previously bought a rain cover for a bigger bag from another brand and I found it very useful. I bought this one because I needed one that was smaller and I liked that it has a reflective band on it and two straps, but I didn't expect this for the price. It is a good product and I am very happy with it.''


Do you actually think about how to keep your backpack dry while climbing? One basic arrangement is a rain cover. We present to you our exclusive waterproof cover fit around your backpack keeping it dry and clean. It is surely a vital product to put on your multi-day climbing list of items for a wet climate. 

One of our huge objectives here at Heyydar is to make your life simpler with regards to shopping for your hiking adventures. Made of 100% Polyester, this backpack cover makes your experience waterproof from the point where it covers. Amazingly lightweight and folds inside its own pocket and can be hanged or embedded in a knapsack. 

✅ WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Our backpack cover is made of high-quality fabric, waterproof, tear-resistant, can protect your backpack from natural forces such as rain, wind, sandstorm and sun, etc.


✅ BE SAFE AND VISIBLE: This backpack protection cover has a reflective strip that provides visibility to the driver at night, effectively reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of outdoor activities

✅ EASY TO USE & COMPACT: The backpack cover is quick to put on and take off. Also, each backpack cover comes with a rainproof storage pouch, you can clip it in your backpack, it doesn't take up too much space. You will never worry about the sudden rain shower

✅ ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The convenient top buckle strap helps to tighten and prevent the backpack cover from slipping off while the elastic attaches firmly on your backpack, never worrying that the backpack cover is blown away in the strong wind or pushed away by the shoulder strap


✅ VERSATILE: Due to the foldable function of this waterproof backpack cover, it can be used as a bicycle rain pad, seat cushion, electric fan cover and any equipment that needs rain protection on rainy days. Ideal for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing and other outdoor activities

It is made to be suitable for any kind of backpack that you have, irrespective of the manufacturer. Presented in multiple colors which perceives an individual on a bicycle or on-street while it's foggy in haze or downpour. Its crease fixed, waterproof shell enables the downpour to move directly off.


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