12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp
12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp
12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp
12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp
12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp
12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp

12W Nail Dryer LED UV Lamp

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Tired of having to visit the salon frequently? What if we bring the salon to you? Cool, right?
Nail gels are specifically designed to prevent evaporation and it is impossible to harden it by air drying. The only solution to that is to dry the nail gel by UV LED light.
This exclusive UV LED nail drying lamp is recognized throughout the world by professionals and salons for being an effective and efficient product to get the job done with convenience. 
Not only does this provide you comfort but it saves you from that extra expenditure and waiting time you have to through at your salons.

1. Anti Glare preventing your eyes from any damage.

2. Exclusive foldable design to ensure drying of 5 fingernails in one go.
3. Multiple charging options ( Laptop, Car, Powerbank, etc).
4. Multiple-way of using, stand on the surface, or folded into your hand.
5. 6 LED beads ensuring max power.
6. One switch operation to turn on with ease.
7. UV light switches off automatically.
8. Low Heat Mode to provide comfort if the temperature feels too high.
9. Simple easy to clean design.

1. Can be used for all type of nail gels.
2. Suitable for all nail types.
3. Easy to use for beginners as well as professionals.
4. Made for home use as well as professional salons.
5. 6 LED beads are smartly distributed to ensure max drying.
6. Fast Drying improving efficiency by 50%.
7. Comfortable white light reducing the glare and blackening of hands.
8. Long-lasting LED Beads so you don't have to worry about replacing them.
9. Highly efficient providing you time for nail coloring twice for a better look.



Package Contains:
1 x LED Nail Dryer.
1 x USB Cable.

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