11Pcs/Set Latex bands


Need to practice hands and legs exercise but don't want to go to the gym center or spending a great deal on hefty machines? Try not to stress since we have an answer to your concern. 11Pcs/Set Latex Bands will assist you with doing full-body cardio by being at home and right away. 

This latex band set incorporates 5 exercise groups, 5 circle groups, 1 entryway anchor, 1 figure-8 opposition band, 1 hand hold strengthener, 1 exercise manual, 2 padded handles, 2 lower leg ties, 1-moment cooling towel, and 1 travel convey sack, which permits you to perform an assortment of opposition preparing works out. Thusly, they are the ideal obstruction groups for leg and glute preparing, conditioning your chest, abs, biceps, rear arm muscles and that's just the beginning. So grab yours now.

1. Firm and strong bands.
2. Adjustable bands intensity.
3. Good elasticity and strong recovery.
4. Made up of high-quality latex material.
5. 1.2M pull rope, foam handle, and metal hook.
6. Portable, lightweight, and space-saving bands.
7. The bands come with different resistance levels.
8. Durable, safe, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly product.

1. Ideal for both men and women.
2. Ensure safety during the workout.
3. Helps you in staying active and fresh.
4. Helps in the complete stretching exercises.
5.The bands are portable and easy to carry anywhere.
6. Helps you to get in shape at home or anywhere you like.
7. Effective for building muscle strength, toning, endurance, and fat loss.
8. Ideal for general exercise, yoga, pilates, and any kind of physical therapy.

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise.
Application: Rubber String Chest Developer.
Use: Home, Outdoor, Office, Fitroom.
Function: Physiatry.
Yellow Bands: 10LBS.
Green Bands: 15LBS.
Red Bands: 20LBS.
Blue Bands: 25LBS.
Black Bands: 30LBS.
Exercise Chest Muscles: Strengthens Chest Muscles.
Arm Training: Strengthens Arm Muscles.
Exercise Thighs: Strengthens Thighs Muscles.
Calf Exercise: Strengthens Calf Muscles.
Fitness: 11Pcs Resistance Bands.
Gym Equipment: Resistance Bands.
Resistance Bands: Bandas Elasticas Fitness.


 Package List 

Resistcance Bands*5 / Ankle Strap*2 / Handled*2 / Door Anchor*1 / Travel Carry Bag*1

Resistance Levels: Yellow(10lbs), Green(15lbs), Red(20lbs), Blue(25lb), Black(30lbs)



Full Body Exercise Man & Woman



Free Combination For Your Workout Level

Can be to 100lbs!

Tips: A reasonable amount of exercise will help our muscle growth. Do not fatigue excessive exercise.


Exercise Chest Muscles,Strengthens Chest Muscles.

Arm Training,Strengthen Arm Muscles.

Exercise Thighs,Strengthens Thigh Muscles.

Calf Exercise,Strengthens Calf Muscles.


 1.2M Pull rope,Elastic rubber pull rope for even pulling force.

Foam handle,The foam material is non-slip and absorbs sweat for easy cleaning.

Metal hook,Not easy to rust, safe and stable.



Safe and Secure Door Anchor


 How to use Strap Ankle

Step1: Bind belt to the ankle

Step2: Set the hasp

Step3: Accomplish

mk详情图_15mk详情图_17Multifunction & Portable

Our bands can apply to different types exercise. Perfect for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc.

Also comes woth convenient travel pouch.

You can also take your bands to gym, office, and even workout on vacation!