Our journey started in 2018 when we decided that we can offer more than we can offer during a full-time job. We chose to study the market and at the same time learn about marketing, products, product quality, brands, competition and last but not least about the customer, the most important and appreciated segment of marketing. Here I learned about:

- What they want to see;
- What they want to receive;
- What they want to be offered;
- What they want to feel;
- What they want from our products.

     During the 3 years we learned:
- To understand your needs;
- To adapt to your requirements;
- Always bring new products for you;
- To be always in line with what is required and worn;
- To offer quality and to be responsible for what we offer;

     We started together, Ana and Cristi;
- we made sustained efforts;
- we grew our team and learned from our own mistakes;
- we started to grow easily and sustainably together with our colleagues;
- we always see a sunrise for any sunset and we never give up.

     We do not manufacture products but we select the best from the best distributors in the world. We have delivered products all over the world. We choose the best products, to deliver them worldwide, in the shortest time and in the best conditions.

     We will always offer:
- the best distributors of products and the return of products will always be assured and refunded;
- the best products in each field;
- products subjected to a careful selection and sorting process;

     HEYYDAR team will always be informed according to the needs and desires of his customers in such a way as to offer the best products at the highest quality standards.

     Be unique every day with HEYYDAR products!!!