HEYYDAR™ - Sonic Electric Toothbrush / Upgraded 2022

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"I have been using it for over a month, and it cleans very well. I switched from an electric Oral-B to this brush. You have to make different movements with it compared to electric toothbrushes, but it cleans better, the meetings are softer, and I don't need them anymore to insist on a lot with dental floss. The programs are super good. I use them alternatively. The battery lasts a long time, excellent purchase, I recommend!"
- Dorothy H. ✅ Verified Customer


HEYYDAR™ - Sonic Electric Toothbrush Upgraded 2022

We all want healthy and clean teeth without tartar deposits and stains. The classic brushes with batteries and the fact that they have a short service life do not always offer what we want. Moreover, our teeth become more sensitive and deteriorate faster because they do not clean well. These factors increase problems such as tartar, yellowing of the teeth, or the appearance of stains.

But fortunately, the Sonic Electric Toothbrush Upgraded 2022 uses a powerful new ultrasonic technology, giving you an efficient brushing and a charging time of about a month with the use of 2 minutes for each brushing. Strong sound movements turn the toothpaste into micro-bubbles, pushing them deep between the teeth and along the gum line for gentle and effective cleaning. It removes many stains and doubts about the quality of your brushing; it is designed to perform. Provides a superior brushing experience than a regular electric toothbrush.


7 Reasons Why Our "Sonic Electric Toothbrush / Upgraded 2022" Will Change Your Life

Sonic Technology: With the power powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology, you will get a thorough cleaning that you will feel as if you just got out of the dentist's chair. The W Tooth-Waved Bristles are made with Dupont nylon to suit teeth topography for thorough cleaning of gums and hard-to-reach areas.

A 2 Minutes Timer: Built-in 2 minutes smart timer with interval pauses reminding you to change the brushing area every 30 seconds to encourage a healthy brushing habit. Automatically shuts off when two minutes is up.

5 PERSONALIZE MODES: With the new model Sonic Electric Toothbrush, you will benefit from 5 customized work modules:
1. White - strong for eliminating stubborn plaques and stains;
2. Clean - medium for regular cleaning;
3. Sensitive - gentle for sensitive gums;
4. Polish - inverted frequency for front teeth polish;
5. Massage - inverted frequency for gum care.

Color Reminder Bristles: The brush heads will remind you to replace your brush head through blue indicator bristles. Gentle on your gum and blue indicator bristles fade in color to let you know when it's time to replace the brush head.

ADA Accepted: The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs Acceptance of Fairywill 507 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is based on its finding that the product is safe and has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis when used as directed.


✅ IPX7 Rated Waterproof Design: Water-resistant of this Model up to IPX7. The entire toothbrush can be rinsed with water, safe and convenient. Is waterproof to be used at bath and shower.

Fantastic for Travel: Four hours charge for a minimum of 30 days use. You can bring the brush without a charger when you are traveling.USB charging, safe and easy, auto shut off after full charge, compatible with any charger or equipment with a USB port.


Your worries become history if you buy these "Sonic Electric Toothbrush / Upgraded 2022"!

We know how important oral hygiene is, especially when we want to have clean teeth without tartar deposits and stains. Unfortunately, toothbrushes do not always provide the desired results because they do not act in-depth and do not remove tartar deposits and stains on the teeth. But from now on, we can forget these problems.

This Sonic Electric Toothbrush Upgraded 2022 offers an in-depth ultrasonic technology that allows the toothpaste to reach both the farthest places and between the teeth, delivering results beyond expectations. Battery life provides that with a single charge, it will enable you to use the toothbrush for more than 30 days. From now on, visits to the dentist will be much rarer because you will benefit from the long-awaited results.


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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Toothbrush Handle
  • 3 x Dupont Brush Heads
  • 1 x USB(DC Port) Charging Cable
  • 1 x Protective Bristle Cover
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Product Specifications:

  • Charge Mode: USB charging
  • Charging time: 4 Hours for 30days
  • Smart timer: 2-minute auto timer
  • Frequency: 40000 strokes/minute
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Suitable Person: for Adults
  • Package Size: 22*12.5*4.5

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