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HEYYDAR™ - Waterproof Dog Cover

from $54.95

"This is an incredible bang for your buck. The cover is made really well, it’s heavy-duty and fit my 2019 Chevy like a glove. I have 4 dogs so protecting...

HEYYDAR™ - Portable Cleaner Cup


  "This thing is great. It works for both dirty water/splattered kind of mud, and the thick stuff that is stuck between the toes. In fact, it works really well...

HEYYDAR™ - Cat Hammock


“Pet bed is an essential part for pet health and sustainability, while, seeing my cat usually get annoyed while sleeping on one type of bed, I wanted to a unique...

HEYYDAR™ - Bite Resistant Dog Toothbrush

from $19.95

"This toothbrush is quite effective. I like that it can be placed on the floor and it stays there. Toothpaste or whatever you want to put in it is easy...

HEYYDAR™ - Bohemian hammock for animal


"We love this! Seems really well built and the material is sturdy and thick. My only, small, gripe is that the carabiners are super sharp (I’ve never had ones that...

HEYYDAR™ - Jumpsuit Waterproof Dog

from $19.95

"This suit has been great. My mini poodle stays dry even in heavy rain and the belly remains clean and dry. The hood is not my dog's favorite but it...

HEYYDAR™ - Corner Cat Massage


"Best purchase EVER! My cats love it! I ordered one just to see if this item will get their attention. it really worked as they made it seem, It's not...

HEYYDAR™ - Running Leash for Dog

from $21.95

"Great leash, I love the handle grip, it's very comfortable and convenient to use. The seat belt clip is just perfectly made! This Dog Leash gives peace of mind since...

HEYYDAR™ - Pet Safety Seat belt


"The perfect Pet Safety Seatbelt designed to adjust to a variety of sizes. I have a Pug mix with a tendency to want to be everywhere and anywhere when driving...

HEYYDAR™ - Dog Dryer


"Worked great! Couldn't believe how much my dog loved this! My dog usually hates hairdryers. I couldn't believe it, He stepped right into this and just sat through it. It...

HEYYDAR™ - Robotic Yoyo Toy


"Quality well-made toy that will last longer than one playing session. The fish lure release is smooth, and it’s fun to reel it in after it’s caught. The line is...

HEYYDAR™ - Pet Sofa

from $29.95

  "This is not the first pet sofa that I bought. I guess it is the fourth one. Why did I save time to write about this sofa, not for...

HEYYDAR™ - Pet Nail Grinder


  "Before the purchase of Pet nail grinder, we used to grind our puppies in the traditional way. We knew this caused him pain. He used to hide when he...

HEYYDAR™ - Dog car seat


"I have a 7 lb Terrier Chihuahua mix. This seat is perfect for him to ride safe and see out the window. Easy to install and very sturdy & secure....

HEYYDAR™ - Backpack travel for pets


"I use Backpack travel for pets to protect my pet as it might get lost or feel uncomfortable at a particular place. Under Backpack travel for pets, my pet feels...

HEYYDAR™ - Double Cat Bowl

from $24.95

"I love how easy is this bowl to clean!!! Other bowls it’s hard to clean because the wet food always sticks to eat. Not this one!!!! And it’s great for...

HEYYDAR™ - Bed for Cats


"Since my childhood, I always loved spending time with my pets, and now I have a cat, and I spend all my time with it while sharing a very close...

HEYYDAR™ - Pet Bathing Tool


"For me bathing my dog was like world war three. It was never easy to succeed in this task without trouble. Things improved with the arrival of the Pet Bathing...

HEYYDAR™ - Pooper Scooper

from $14.95

"Very easy to use and compact enough to put in your pocket. A small reel of poo bags is supplied and fits into the scooper, just pull a bag off,...

HEYYDAR™ - Silicone Glove For Cats


"This is a high quality, very comfortable, easy to use glove to quickly shed your dog during a bath. It really helps to get the job done and he does...

HEYYDAR™ - Heartbeat Puppy Toy


"I have two orphaned puppies, and I thought of taking this toy from them. I made a good choice. They did not notice at all that it would not be...

HEYYDAR™ - Automatic Pet Feeder


"I have had this product for almost a month, and my life is more manageable now. When it comes to portion control, this is great, and there are a variety...

HEYYDAR™ - Capsule Carrier Pets Backpack


"I am pleasantly surprised by this backpack. My kitten doesn't like it at all when we have to go for a walk, but she didn't complain or argue with me...

HEYYDAR™ - Automatic Laser Toy


"Our cat loves to play with the red dot. It lights up automatically, even if it's day or night, and encourages our cat to do many movements. The noise is...

HEYYDAR™ - Pet Water Fountain

from $39.95

"This is a fabulous fountain. I like the stainless steel tray. The blue LED allows you to see the level easily, but if you do not notice and it decreases,...

HEYYDAR™ - Fluffy Bed for Pet

from $29.95

"My dog loves it! She hasn't gotten out of it since she received it. He is very relaxed and happy. It is very comfortable and sleeps more peacefully than in...

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