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HEYYDAR™ - Globes Ice Massager

from $39.95

"I like this product. It is very refreshing when you use it in the morning, especially after a restless night. It helps me reduce dark circles and gives me a...

HEYYDAR™ - UV Toothbrush Sterilizer


"Yes, my family and I are pleased to have bought this UV toothbrush holder and sterilizer, which is also a disinfectant and toothbrush holder. It is multifunctional and helps us...

HEYYDAR™ - Face Masks Maker Machine


- "I used to buy face masks constantly, and I was not happy with the results. I can say that this product changed my life. It's what we're looking for....

HEYYDAR™ - Laser Hair Removal Tool


 “I used this laser hair remover the same day I received it. It’s not painful and removes the hair easily in one zap. Another plus is that the device is...

HEYYDAR™ - Personal Microderm Pro


-"I was truly shocked! It works amazingly. I tried it first without the app, and I was very excited to see the difference in my skin. Pores were getting cleared out. Then...

HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber

from $25.95

"Wow~ it is amazing!Love this Scrubber so much ~it works so perfectly! 1, Actually works for cleaning my skin, every time  I use it, I can feel my face is fresh, You can...

HEYYDAR™ - Facial Electrode Wand


“I have only used it a couple of times and I love the results. From the 1st time using it I noticed the fine lines on my forehead kind of...

HEYYDAR™ - Microfiber Facial Cloth Pads

from $19.95

“These are great. Easy to take off eye makeup and face makeup. The product residue stays on top and doesn’t soak in so quickly. Love these!” - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Harley...

HEYYDAR™ - IPL 1800000 Flashes


 "I like this product! It's easy and not at all difficult to use, especially since you don't feel anything when you use it. I used it from the first day...

HEYYDAR™ - RF&EMS Facial Mesotherapy


-"I bought it for my mom's birthday, and she was so happy. She uses red light and yellow. The is rf for anti-aging and yellow for lifting. Even if it's a...



"I received this gift set for my birthday. I can say that I am very satisfied with these devices. The results began to appear after about 3 weeks. The RF...

HEYYDAR™ - Electric Foot Grinder


"Just used mine for the first time and WOW!!! It is amazing!! Highly recommend this to anyone that is a on their feet a lot! I’m a former gymnast and...

HEYYDAR™ - Natural Jade Roller Quartz


"It feels beautiful, calm, and relaxing on the skin! Before applying the creams, I use this device to prevent aging! Before I use it every time, I leave it in...

HEYYDAR™ - EMS Facial Lifting Strap


“This LED photon therapy strap is amazing! It gets rid of acne scars and so much more. I use it a couple of times a week and the results are...

HEYYDAR™ - Microcurrent Facial Massager


“After a few days of use, noticeable changes occur. It has a good lift. Lifts the cheeks and contours the cheekbones. Overall, it’s great for the face!” - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -...

HEYYDAR™ - Beauty Therapy & EMS Device


 "Only been using it for a short time, can feel the difference in my skin. I find it very relaxing knowing how good this product is working. When I use...



  "I am delighted with this device. It really works. It is the most natural way to have a facial effect in a short time and is beneficial. I use it...

HEYYDAR™ - Mini Portable Humidifier


"This is a lovely portable mister. It's sleek and stylish, easy to charge and comes with its own charging cord. The water capacity is generous. I love the 2 holes...

HEYYDAR™ - Eye Mask for Sleep


"A great device that surpassed my expectations! The mask itself is quite comfortable. It blocks out all the light without pressing against the eyelids. The speakers are positioned well and...

HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

from $34.95

"I Would Recommend It To Everyone. A specific inflamed gum of mine bleeds while I brush for many years. The dental specialist would do scaling for it all to no...

HEYYDAR™ - Body Scrubber


"An extraordinary product, I am actually feeling the difference! I've just used this product with soft soap exfoliating cocoa butter body wash a handful of times so far but I...

HEYYDAR™ - Smart Shoulder Neck Massager


"I am suffering from neck pain badly. I feel much better every time after I use the massager for 15 minutes. It’s wireless and has a separate remote. It’s very...

HEYYDAR™ - Electric facial cleansing brush


"This is the first facial cleansing brush I have used so I can’t compare to anything else but I do enjoy it. I don’t wear makeup every day, but when...

HEYYDAR™ - Nano Ionic Facial Cleaner


"Trying to look young is no bad. In the same quest, I used many creams to remove wrinkles and black spots under my eyes. Those creams did provide me respite...

HEYYDAR™ - Makeup Mirror

from $49.95

"This mirror is super bright and that makes it really nice for makeup application or eyebrow tweezing. I have a hard time seeing up close with my contacts or glasses...



"I love this! Every mom should have one. I had no time to let my nails dry so the polish was always ruined right away. With this light though now...

HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush


"Feels good on my face, feels very clean and it’s gentle but still gets the job done." - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Janel Freiheit  ✅ Verified Customer - HEYYDAR™ - Ultrasonic Facial Cleaning Brush...

HEYYDAR™ - Facial Massage Roller

from $14.95

"I love this product! Feels great on the face and doesn't do the squeaky noises my previous jade roller did (the previous one was from another brand). Nice cooling and...

HEYYDAR™ - Wireless Leg Massager


"Best thing ever, helps eleviate fluid in my leg as I work at a desk all day long the fluid builds up in my leg, the it is brilliant I can use...

HEYYDAR™ - Foot Massager Roller


"This is a great product! I love how versatile it is! It keeps my cold feet warm and the massages feel wonderful! If I could change one feature, I would...

HEYYDAR™ - 3 in 1 Ultrasonic Slimming Massager


- "I tried traditional as well as a sophisticated way to lose extra pounds. However, my endeavor remained unsuccessful. Fortunately, my friend, who already has benefited from infrared ultrasonic weight...

HEYYDAR™ - Eyelash Extension EYE


"I use the under eye patches in the mornings by saturating two with toner (the patch is thin so it doesn’t take that much toner) and after putting on my...

HEYYDAR™ - Foot Massager Cushion


  "Some days ago, I felt pain, and the pain and stayed with me, intensifying daily. I ordered this pain relief foot massager mat yesterday. About two ago, I hobbled...

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