What does means vintage?

   What does means vintage?




 The term vintage is used to describe either new clothes, manufactured today, which are cut according to the old patterns, or old clothes worn by your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. In fact, the 1920-1960 products are considered vintage, and those of the 1970s, 1980s are retro.

     The term "vintage" is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old that is also clearly representative of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be haute couture or quality mainstream fashion labels; it can be used, new, manufactured, or handmade.

     It is important to understand that the definition of vintage is fluid, so every decade brings forth new items that fit into this category. It is also important to understand that all vintage will eventually become antique — clothing 100 years old or more is classified as antique.

     Classic style, as opposed to vintage, means a piece remains stylish through time; in other words, it does not reflect the era in which it was made but rather transcends all eras, with minor style adjustments. Examples of classic styles are the little black dress, trench coats, button-up white shirts, pumps, and blazers. So a little black dress from the 1980s, for instance, would be classic, not vintage, while a blazer with significant shoulder pads from that era would be vintage.

     Gradually the vintage gets bigger and becomes a trend. More and more fashionistas choose for vintage clothing, to the detriment of new mass-produced clothing. The vintage style is for the bold woman that wants to be unique. A vintage style probably was never as popular as it is today. Do you want to have ravishing vintage outfits? We have some tips and tricks for you!

     Combine something vintage with something modern. It is easy. Let’s see, even if there are few people who manage to adopt a full vintage style, it is best to try to look chic, combining modern with vintage. If you wear a vintage top, combine it with a pair of skinny jeans. Do you have vintage pants? Choose a modern top. Even vintage dresses can have a touch of modernity through the accessories combined with them. Dressing up the vintage style does not mean you have to wear pieces of this kind entirely. You can opt for a vintage scarf or specific jewelry.

     Choose vintage blouses. They are the best starting point when you want to adopt this fashion style. The vintage blouses are very easy to match with modern skirts or pants. Nowadays, it is very common to wear a vintage shirt with skinny jeans or even with flared jeans, depending on the most advantageous combination of your silhouette. Do not be afraid of accessories. You can choose long and large vintage blouses and you can wear them with a belt in the waist. You can also choose top-end vintage blouses and accessories them with a bow or a colorful necklace that can be worn over the shirt.

     Do you see? It's not as hard as it looks. Good luck!


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