Surprising health benefits of silver

Surprising health benefits of silver

925 sterling silver is one of the most malleable and brightest precious metals known to man. In essence, the “925” in its name stands for its 92.5% pure silver composition, which is then alloyed with 7.5% copper. Which gives this precious metal an unparalleled durability and workability as pure silver usually takes a liquid form.

The benefits of silver are derived from its electrical and thermal conductivity—i.e. its ability to generate an electrical field that distributes electricity and heat around the body. Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, much like a mirror reflects light. This field stimulates the body’s existing conductivity, improving blood circulation, temperature balance, and general healing.

These positively silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, destabilizing their metabolic enzymes and causing them to suffocate.


Surprising Health Benefits of wearing Silver Jewelry:

  1. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent, which can prevent infections, cold, and flu. It can also speed up the healing of cut and wound.
  2. Silver facilitates regulation and circulation of body heat.
  3. Silver reacts and turns black when it encounters several different toxic chemicals, hence identifying potential toxins.
  4. Silver boosts one’s energy level and brings one’s mind back to focus.
  5. Silver improves the condition of our skin by stimulating skin repairing.
  6. Silver increases the elasticity of blood vessels, which plays an important role in bone formation and body healing.
  7. Silver protects us from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronics, such as cellphones and computers.


Silver is best worn when the immune system is either weak or when the body faces a particularly challenging environment, such as travel, toxic urban environments, or hyper-connected office spaces, where we face heightened exposure to both germs and electronics.

Wearing silver gloves while working on your laptop, for example, will significantly improve your comfort, energy, and immunity by blocking your wrist’s exposure to laptop electrical fields, as well as preventing the spread of office colds. Wearing silver on the plane or during travel keeps you clean and germ free, while adding to your overall comfort.

You can wear your silver jewelry most of the time but avoid harsh chemicals such as perfumes, chlorine, salt water, cleaning agents, and liquid silver polish. It is best to combine your silver jewelry with physical activities like yoga and tai chi, as it can enhance energy flow within your body. Your silver jewelry also works best with your spiritual practice, like meditation, affirmation, visualization, and positive thinking. You can choose silver Jewelry that would fit your personality and life style, so you can wear it every day comfortably.

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