How to create handmade jewelry

How to create handmade jewelry

Human beings have been crafters since time immemorial, and various masterpieces created by artisans are visible in different locations around the world. These skills are not limited to certain people, and through learning and practice, anyone can create an excellent instrument.

Jewelry is among the most sort after pieces of art because they bring beauty to both men and women. Acquiring one can prove to be expensive because excellently made jewelry costs a lot more. Many people have turned to handmade jewelry which is not only easier to make, but you can also make them according to your taste and style.

Even a novice jewelry maker can create beautiful pieces that would make many artisans proud. It is also an excellent way to generate income by selling your products online or at craft shows. Making jewelry most importantly saves you money because you only need few materials.

Making jewelry does not require a degree in marine science, one has to learn specific techniques. Keen students take less than one week to master this craft, and I shall give you a few steps on how to make handmade jewelry.

Firstly, buy a jewelry making kit from any nearby craft store or online. These kits provide you with basic instructions and different ideas, but I encourage most people to use ideas from their imagination to make the products unique. Craft shops have numerous jewelry making kits, and that’s for you to decide which suits you better. They can range from wire jewelry kits, beading kits to string jewelry kits. Secondly, scour through your mind and wildest imaginations and determine what kind of handmade jewel you are interested in making. It is because of the numerous variety of jewelry that exists, and they are made of materials ranging from beads to strings.

After that, choose the best material you can work with, the one that will give you the most beautiful end product. I advise anybody new in making handmade jewelry to visit local jewelry shops or on social platforms to have a good idea of how a properly made jewelry should appear. The third step is to buy jewelry making tools, and this depends on the type of jewelry you want to make. Essential tools that are required include pliers and not just the regularly common type. Pliers to be used include, step jaw pliers, round nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, and round nose pliers.

Wire cutters, peg boards for twisting the wires to the required shape, and a ruler are also other tools that come in handy when making handmade jewelry. Lastly, purchase handmade jewelry supplies which will help mainly during decorations. Handmade jewelry can use various supplies the basic ones include headpins for earrings, beads for necklaces, standard size jewelry wire from size 18 to 22, jump rings and closures and clasps. There is also need to be familiar with different measurements to make your jewelry proportional. Every jewelry from necklaces to braces have their standard sizes for both men and women. You cannot make a male necklace with lady’s measurements or vice versa the product will look ugly. After completing the above steps find a journal or watch videos online that will guide you in making an excellent product. These are easy steps that are easy to follow, and you should ensure you don’t miss any step.

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