Boho and Boho Chis Style

Boho and Boho Chis Style


 Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend – it’s an attitude, an actual culture in its own right one that comes with a very specific ideology and complicated history.

     Short for “bohemian,” boho as a style is most closely associated with the hippies of the ‘60s and ‘70s, but the truth is it borrows from so many fashion subcultures and time periods that almost any outfit can be "boho" if you style it right. Especially if you mix in a few of these elements along the way: white lace, light cotton, fur, crochet wool, flowy polyester, denim.

     The true is that the name derived from a group of unconventional, French artists in the 1930s as a way to distinguish themselves from the French middle-class, whose values they didn’t support.  Bohemian fashion is not only influenced by the bohemian movement, that started in Paris, it also derives from the bohemians coming from Bohemia in Czech Republic. Since these two origins melted together, their style of clothing fused, leaving us with a beautiful mix of colors, designs and fabrics.

     Instead of following the practical aspect of the middle class fashion, bohemian fashion tended to go all against that. Not tight and restricted, but long and flowy. Not hard and scratchy, but soft and wide. Not grey and brown but white and green and red. That coming together with the Czech influences, the boho style soon gained a ethical, open minded touch, embracing influences from other cultures and is today being known for its individuality.

     Bohemian style comes with a wide range of silhouettes and cuts, and just as many, if not more characteristic materials, patterns and techniques. As a general rule, bohemian designs incorporate natural materials in nature-occurring shades and designs inspired by art and rustic elements, plus a plethora of ethnic, folk and floral patterns.

     Being bohemian is all about being free. It’s about rolling down grassy hills with every hurdle life presents; it’s about change; about being whoever you want to be whenever and wherever life takes you - and dressing fabulously while doing so. 

      But being boho chic isn’t just about having bohemian style – although, that’s a big part. And being boho chic isn't just about living this gypsy-esque kind of lifestyle.

     Being boho chic is as much about the life you live as it is about the bohemian style you wear. Being boho is about being in touch with nature; humanitarian efforts, and being free-spirited. It’s more about a spiritual living – having a meaning in life.

     It’s just as important to mention that you can totally be boho chic without living a bohemian lifestyle. As such, you can also live a bohemian lifestyle without wearing boho jewelry. In other words, you don’t have to have both the boho style and lifestyle just to be classified as “boho”. Remember, being bohemian is all about being you. So, whether you wear the gypsy-inspired clothing or meditate every morning at the top of a mountain as the sun goes down or not, you can still be boho chic because being boho chic is being you; whatever that may be.


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